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KUTAI AVR EA05A mass production available

Publish Date 2010-08-21
New KUTAI AVR EA05A is available,Welcome your inquiry.

< ± 0.5% Regulation
220/380/440 VAC Programmable Input
Rugged Compact Design
With Under Frequency Protection
Soft Start Voltage Ramping
EMI Suppression
Built-in High Capacity 5 Amp Fuse
Specifications : EA05A

Sensing Input Voltage 220/380/440 VAC, 1 Phase 2 Wire, DIP Switch Selectable
Frequency 50/60 Hz, DIP Switch Selectable
Power Input Voltage 100~300 VAC, 1 Phase 2 Wire
Output Voltage Max. 90 VDC @ 240 VAC input
Current Continuous 5A, Intermittent 7A for 10 sec.
Resistance Min. 12Ω , Max. 100Ω
Volts Regulation < ± 0.5% (with 4% engine governing)
Voltage Build-up Residual volts at AVR terminal > 5 VAC
External Volts Adjustment 7% with 1 KΩ 1 watt trimmer
Soft Start Ramp Time 2 sec.
Unit Power Dissipation Max. 8 Watt
EMI Suppression Internal Electromagnetic Interference Filtering
Thermal Drift 0.03% per °C change in AVR ambient
Under Frequency Protection 60 Hz system presets knee point at 55 Hz (Factory Settings)
50 Hz system presets knee point at 45 Hz (Factory Settings)
Environment Operating Temperature : -40~70 °C
Storage Temperature : -40~85 °C
Relative Humidity : Maximum 95%
Vibration : 3G @ 100~2 KHz
AVR Controls Function VOLTS : Voltage Adjustment
STAB : Stability Adjustment
U/F : To Set the U/F Knee Point (U/F: Under Frequency Protection)
Dimensions 101.0(L) x 69.0(W) x 47.5(H) mm
Weight 183 g ± 2%

KUTAI AVR EA05-A is our new products in our AVR range. KUTAI AVR EA05-A is our new design,It is good performance and low price.

For more details,kindly contact with us sales@china-avr.com

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